Verdens mest ubrugelige lufthavn er 2.200 meter lang og ligger på en ø i Atlanterhavet.

Se her den første landing i 3. forsøg i 2016:

Læs kritikken på det Britiske Parliaments webside:

Læs summary i Parliament-rapporten
“The Department for International Development (the Department) has spent £285.5m of taxpayers’ money on building an airport in St Helena that is not usable by commercial airlines. It is staggering that the Department did not foresee and address the impact of difficult wind conditions on landing commercial aircraft safely. The Department was evasive on the question of who should be held responsible, and is yet to hold anyone to account, either internally or externally for the failure to identify this fundamental issue. Nor has it identified the extent or cost of remedial action required. There is also doubt over whether the airport, when operational, will lead to St Helena becoming financially self-sufficient, due to significant uncertainties over projected tourist growth figures and a lack of progress toward attracting investment. Thus far, the Department has unquestionably failed the residents of St Helena and the British taxpayer.”

Er turbulens forholdene undersøgt tilstrækkeligt på en anden ø i Atlanterhavet?